Shareholders’ Meeting of 30 April 2013 (*)
Shareholders are called to the Combined Extraordinary and Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting in the Auditorium of the CNR CONGRESS CENTRE at 101 Via Gobetti, Bologna on 30 April 2013 at 10.00 am, on single call, to discuss and resolve the following matters Agenda:

Extraordinary Part
1. Amendment of articles 16 and 26 of the Articles of Association; related and consequent resolutions
2. Amendment of article 17 and the “Transitional Arrangement”, and introduction of article 34, of the Articles of Association; related and consequent resolutions

Ordinary Part
1. Financial statements as at 31 December 2012, Directors’ Report, proposal to distribute the profit, and report of the Board of Statutory Auditors; consequent resolutions
2. Presentation of the corporate governance report and remuneration policy decisions
3. Renewal of the authorisation to purchase treasury shares and procedures for arrangement of the same; consequent provisions
4. Appointment of a member of the Board of Directors, with deferred effectiveness

(*) Source: Hera Group

Shareholder Enrico Nannetti’s summary speech (**)
In order to mantain the shareholders’ majority publicily owned, we suggest to include always a “right of redemption” when selling share to institutions like FSI held by a mix of public and private shareholders. We kindly request to deliver only half of the amount of the dividends proposed by BOD, and to invest the remaining half in capex: 50% in the water supply network’s maintenaince, and 50% in the BMT. We kindly ask for the implementation of the Shareholder Rights’ Directive, letting minor shareholders’ can assist the Assembly in streaming and can vote by proxy from the institutional website. We kindly request to renovate the environment business unit by empowering the biological mechanical treatment. We underline the importance of the data network unit by presenting our speciment type proposal of institutional logo restyling, which has a 4th metallic line added.

(**) AzioneHera spokesperson